An Intro to the World of E Nails

If you have been into the world of dabbing, you might be well-aware of butane torches. The firing of the butane torch is used for heating up the hash and dousing. Many people are now looking for an alternative option for heating the substance. One good alternative that has come up for dabbers is the e nails Canada. E-nail is a kind of a vaporizing device that makes use of an electric coil for easily maintaining the temperature of the nail.

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 Knowing the E-nail

E-nail or electric nail is a metal box along with a port for the coil, one or two switches, and a PID gauge for monitoring the current coil temperature. Basically, the gauge is designed for getting turned on separately along with the coil. However, it is able to protect the user from getting any burned.

 The coils of the e nails Canada come in two different sizes, 16 and 20 millimeters. They only work with those nails for which it is designed. One thing which must be kept in mind is that setting the temperature is very important in order to get the best e-nail experience. Alternatively, carb caps can be used with the e-nail so that the chamber can easily puff up the dab even at a lower temperature.

How Does It Work?

The working of e nails is pretty simple. The units which work with the help of a controller box can deliver heat through the coils. The coils get connected to the nails and allow the temperature to be controlled with the control buttons.

Benefitse nails

In case you are new to the world of dabbing, you would be delighted to learn about the benefits of using an e nails Canada. One won’t need to scratch their head in order to understand that using this device is far better choice. The nails can easily stay clean as the hash is getting vaporized and not burnt.

Moreover, e nails will not be harmful to the lungs. In fact, the dabs at low temperature won’t irritate the lungs. Hence, the lungs will remain protected. The flavors that dabbers would get to enjoy would drastically increase.

Another benefit of using e nails Canada is that they can save a lot of money. Unlike the butane torches, the expense of using this device is very less.


However, before using an e nail, you need to know that they come with sapphire inserts and titanium screens. The inserts are used over the top of the nail. Then the hash is applied to it so that it can be vaporized. The sapphire cools the titanium torch; whereas the supply of heat works like magic.

Another technology that can’t be overlooked is the titanium screen. Dabbers can use it to check if the remains of the full melt drop below and cover the dish of the nail.

E nails Canada can offer an improved way of enjoying concentrates for vaporizing. The temperature control aids in increasing the amount of vapor concentration and also allows the dabbers to enjoy the flavors of the concentrate.