CBD Cannabis Oil Helps fight Cancer

In order to understand how anything can help cure cancer, it is important to understand how cancer cells are kept alive in the first place. Every cell in your body has a family of sphingolipids which are interconvertible. These are specifically responsible for the life and death of the particular cell.

If endogenous ceramide is high in the cell, the death of that particular cell is imminent. When ceramide is low, the cell has strong vitality. Now, coming to cannabis, when THC connects to CB1 or CB2 which are the cannaboid receptor site of the cancer cell, the ceramide synthesis increases and the cell is driven to its death.

A healthy cell will not produce ceremide when exposed to THC and thus it will stay unaffected by the cannabinoid. In simple words, it means that CBD oil cancer now has scientific backing in preventing cancer cells from multiplying. With the right therapeutic amount of THC and CBD over a significant period of time can maintain metabolic pressure on the cancer cell and lead to its death.cbd oil cancer

Has There Been Any Research?

Although research on the benefits of CBD oil in curing cancer has not been done on any human subjects, the results so far have been nothing but encouraging. For instance, some surveys have found conclusive proof that cannabis can suppress lung cancer and shows promise in preventing symptoms. Italian and Spanish researchers too have found that cannabis oil can lead to the death of cancer cells in lab studies.

One instance of research on human subjects can be cited here. When researches introduced patients with recurring brain cancer, the effects were encouraging and death of cancer cells was reported. Therefore, as you can see, there is no lack of research studies in which the results have indicated that CBD oil does help in curing cancer. However, further studies need to be done on human subjects for conclusive results.

What do Medical Professionals Say?

Doctors all over the world are taken in by the effects of cannabis on cancer cell death. Their advice is encouraging patients suffering from cancer to try out cannabis oil but not in replacement for medical treatment. Unfortunately, that cannot be done until further research is done.

However, it can be said that cannabis oil can definitely work as a cure for cancer. It doesn’t and cannot make the patient’s condition worse in any case but has a good chance of showing improvement. It can also help deal with the side effects of cancer medication and the symptoms of the disease.

Other Benefits of CBD Oil

During the course of cancer treatment research, scientists have stumbled on to several other benefits of CBD oil. It is known to be a potent stress and anxiety reducer and can enhance relaxation, thus curing one of the most common problems that people suffer from in the modern world. When taken therapeutically, in appropriate dosages, it can also help in dealing with pain and can be used as a pain reliever. These are some of the other benefits of CBD oil apart from its application in cancer treatment.