What is PICNet?

In January 2005, the British Columbia Ministry of Health Services authorized the development of the Provincial Infection Control Network (PICNet).

Why do we need PICNet?

To maximize the coordination and integration of activities related to infection prevention, surveillance and control across the continuum of care — which includes hospitals, residential facilities, and the community — for the entire province and to do so using an evidence-based approach.

How does PICNet address these challenges?

PICNet promotes a common approach to infection prevention, surveillance and control and the utilization of preferred practices within the province through the standardization of policies, procedures and the development of guidelines.

Who belongs to PICNet?

The Network consists of the multidisciplinary team involved in health care associated infection prevention, surveillance and control across the province of British Columbia.

How will PICNet benefit British Columbians?

PICNet fosters collaboration not only across the broad continuum of care, but also across a multitude of activities including: communication, practice, education, training, surveillance and research, thereby enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in these areas.