Rick Simpson Oil and Other Natural Remedies for Cancer

More number of people is getting diagnosed with one or other form of cancer. Whenever a person is diagnosed with cancer, it becomes very hard for them to accept it. The only available conventional treatment i.e. chemotherapy and radiation is very costly. While most people are able to meet the rising cost of cancer treatment, some are not able to meet it. As a result, some people try to look out for natural remedies for cancer treatment.

Natural Treatment

Cancer patients would be happy to hear that Rick Simpson rediscovered the natural cure for cancer through the use of medical cannabis. In case you haven’t heard of RSO oil or the person who invented it, you don’t need to worry. This blog will guide you through all the natural treatments for cancer.

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Nowadays, many oncologists are also harping on the fact that for the treatment of cancer, several natural treatments are available. One such treatment is through RSO. It is basically concentrated form of cannabis oil. The oil contains important cannabinoids like THC and CBD in them. However, the ratio of their existence may vary.

The cure for cancer through RSO oil was discovered only when Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer. After watching a documentary he thought of using the cannabis concentrated oil for treating his cancer. Surprisingly, after using the oil for several months, his lumps subsided. In fact apart from treating his cancer completely; it also provided relief from many health conditions.

However, some part of the medical fraternity is not ready to accept that cannabis can cure cancer. They consider cannabis as a psychoactive drug that can create high among patients. So treating cancer with cannabis is not at all acceptable to them. Scientists opine that some doctors fail to realize that medical cannabis is completely different. Hence, using medical cannabis for making RSO oil is safe. Surprisingly, high amount of THC in the oil can treat cancer.

Cannabis Oil

Apart from taking the help of RSO which was founded by Rick Simpson, another remedy for curing cancer is through cannabis oil. The latter differs from RSO oil, in respect that RSO oil is available in concentrated form. However, cannabis oil is less volatile in nature.

Cannabis oil contains high amount of cannabinoids in them such as THC or CBD. The THC activates the cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. The synthesis of ceramide causes genotic stress on the nucleus present in the cancer cells. This helps push the nucleus and blocks the pro-survival pathway of the cancer cells. Another way through which the death of the cancer cells happen is because of the formation of protein p53.

Rick Simpson states that the protein p53 causes disturbance with the digestive system of the cancer cells. This results in the cancer cells eventually starving to death. After all when cancer cells are not able to get their required amount of nutrition, it would starve to death.

Rick Simpson is considered to be a leading activist of medical marijuana. He knows that using RSO or cannabis oil can easily offer natural cure for cancer. Thus, recommends cancer patients to take natural cure for cancer.