The Cocoa Room Dragees – Pretty, Pop-able Candy Delights

I always wanted an old-fashioned candy dish. Not old fashioned in style perhaps, just the concept of having a pretty little dish out on display, with lovely little treats to enjoy throughout the day… The problem is, for me anyway, the dish always needs replenishing, ergo my waist would be expanding. So I am resigned NOT to purchase said lovely dish. However, around the holidays I do like to fill my little antique champagne bowls with something special when I have guests.

Enter, The Cocoa Room. These folks have elevated candy-coated chocolates to something modern and sophisticated and utterly addictive. The combinations of chocolate-covered, candy-coated seeds, nuts, dried fruits and other tasty tidbits are visually stunning, perfectly packaged in translucent boxes that showcase the array of colors and textures… and did I mention they’re addictive?

The Cocoa Room offers a number of great fall-themed combos, but right now, I’m liking the Pumpkin Spice Eclectic Dragee Mix: pumpkin malted milk balls, white marble almonds and orange, yellow and white coated sunflower seeds. Very classic–if not a little kitchy–autumn colors. Or if you prefer something a bit richer in hue, try the Royal Eclectic mix: violet, gold and blue marble almonds with multi colored pistachios and sunflower seeds.

You can order them in 4, 8, or 12 oz sizes. Let’s be honest, the 4 oz might make a great stocking stuffer or wedding favor, but I think I’d get a few different mixes in the 8 oz size. You’ll need to refill that candy dish a few times. Probably before the guests arrive.

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